Monday, May 31, 2004

Ebonics Man

Interesting day. I'll make this post short and just tell you some of the funny events that occured over the course of the day.
Somehow or other we found ourselves in my room with a whip. Don't ask. Anyhow, Lenny accidently hit me in the balls whilst cracking the whip. It didnt hurt much but I made the comment that "If I wasnt wearing any pants, that would have hurt a lot", to which Lenny responded "If I was here holding this whip and you werent wearing any pants things would be a bit weird."
Anyhow, we got a lot of work done over the course of the day and I am pretty caught up with stuff.
We decided to take a break a little after 3 so I drove us over to the chinese resturant around the corner from my house. We had some Moo Shu. It was pretty good.
While we were eating, some black dude came in and was almost screaming. It's really hard to describe him. He walked in, said something along the lines of, "I need some Duck Sauce" except more in ebonics. Anyhow, the Chinese guy was like "Duck Sau?" in his weird Chinese way. Then the Black dude was like, "OOoh DAMN! You guys got a Sushi Bar now? OOoh Man. This is great!" Then he walked up to this innocent guy getting food and was like "You like Sushi? Its raw but its GOOD!" Yea, It was pretty funny. During this entire time Lenny was trying to control his laughter which he was doing a poor job of. Then the guy went over to the Sushi bar and the Chinese guy said it wasnt open to which the black dude responded "But there is already some shit in there!" Then after a few more words in ebonics, he left. It was funny.


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